About Rehealth Yourself 

Chef John Shirk has been studying food for over 30 years. From culinary school to Mobil 4 star restaurants. It was when he worked as a corporate chef at one of the nations largest food distributors that he noticed more and more foods were being tainted with preservatives, flavor enhancers, hydrogenated fats and chemicals. Chef John fell into this trap of eating poorly due to being stressed out and not taking time to cook healthy.  “The revelation came when I was looking at some photos after a spring fishing trip with my dad and brother. I saw a picture of myself and thought, “How did that bowling ball get in my gut?” Chef John had gained close to 40 lbs of unhealthy weight. With heart disease in his family tree (his father had his first open heart surgery at 38). John knew he needed to make a change and get back to his former healthy lifestyle. Just 10 weeks later Chef John had lost over 35 lbs. Learn how Chef John became healthy again and you too can "Rehealth Yourself".


Rehealth Yourself
Chef John Shirk
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